About me?  I've been a writer all my life.  It's been a useful compunction, a lifesaver, a creative tool, a doorway to alternate career paths.  With the need to write came also the desire to understand how editing works and how it betters all writing.


One of the most fulfilling career choices I made over 10 years ago was to become publisher and editor-in-chief of an online/print literary journal. The Centrifugal Eye has since become a widely recognizable title in the field of contemporary poetry.  

TCE publishes a variety of poetic styles, as well as essays, book reviews, and illustrations.


I've made a few issues available below to represent a mini portfolio for potential clients to peruse.  You may want to read my editorials, or just note the quality of production overall. 


I've also included an issue of P. J. Nights' literary journal, from east to west: bi-coastal verse, because one of its hefty main features is all about, well, me.  I hope you enjoy your research.